Jo Cosme is a multidisciplinary artist from the small, but very hot and loud tropical Island: Puerto Rico. She has a BFA from Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño in San Juan, PR. Her work as an artist extends from photography and video to installations, sound pieces and illustrations.

  She uses art as a medium for societal activism by addressing political and social issues and using cynic undertones to promote critical thinking in everyone who sees her work.

  As a freelance media content creator, she is obsessed with storytelling and can be as versatile as David Bowie's music career. Due to the tough life we’ve been experiencing in Puerto Rico; I have learned to work under pressure and with very few tools which has lead my friends to say: “If life threw Jo lemons, she’d make a piña colada blend and let the world wondering how she did it”.

Currently, she's available for freelance work as a photographer, videographer, editor and/or content creator.

Also available for exhibits and artistic collaborations.

CV available upon request.